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 About Najmadin Concrete New!!
  • New Najmadin factory for ready-made concrete is located in the Kurdistan region of Iraq in Sulaimany, behind Faruq Medical City, It was starting of work since (2011).
  • Our factory for preparing concrete with highly developed technology.
  • The factory is run by a highly skilled group who are experienced in the concrete preparing field. Its capacity of producing is (140 m*3 concrete per hour).
  • This factory owns 3 trucks for pumping concrete mobile type (42m , 43m, 50m) , and one stable pump (150 m ) , 21 trucks mixers each one contains ( 8m*3 , 12m*3 ) concrete Mercedes models. 2 silo trucks for cement transporting.
  • Certified lab used for development testing to obtaining the best result and global trait.
  • This is all done by engineer’s and supervising experts in this field.
  • In this lab do all the test for concrete’s material (coarse gravel, fine gravel, sand, add mixture, water…….), concrete mix design for all projects, compressive cubic test by advance machine.
  • In this factory has foreign mechanical staff for treatment and maintenance machines.
  • Beside factor’s manger active staff consisting engineer, administrator and employee all staff including (70) peoples.
  • The purpose off all this work to improve quality concrete in the factory.

Najmadin Concrete

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